Surprises found on dreary days


To an outsider, i.e. my family of four years, the initial taupe and blue patterns might have looked cluttered against the green chaos of our yard. The outlook of my project may have seemed grim and my sanity questioned. But to their credit, no one said a word. At times, even I thought the dining set looked a bit sad and should become a curbside donation for a creative neighbor to restore.

However, I often remind myself that my artistic endeavors often look bad before they resolve themselves and find their intended awesomeness. So, I pushed forward with the task. Indeed, now that brown grass is juxtaposed with our gray fence and bare trees, my colorful chairs and table brighten our private enclosure enormously.

This week I noticed additional colors were blown into town on the warm breath of El Nino. As I drive around town beneath gloomy skies, I see the occasional blooming cherry tree or daffodil. I am initially unsettled by this unusual phenomenon. But, I know next year, all will be brown and dull again as nature rests. So, for now, as I sit in our colorful outdoor dining area, I will look at the salmon crabapple blossoms nearby, and enjoy.

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