“ADHD is a frustrating, and disruptive condition…. We are smart, people say.
We just need to try harder, or get organized, or stop procrastinating.
If only it were that easy,”

June Silny, The Civil War Inside My Head

Beach photo by Larkin Oates

ADD/ADHD is a neurological condition that can cause profound damage to self esteem.

People often unknowingly try to use tough love with us to try to get us to perform better. I love June Silny for sharing that, “Tough Love Doesn’t Work.” I had a “boss” condescend to me once, saying she had to use tough love with me to improve certain of my administrative skills; as if I wasn’t already trying my hardest.

We now have fMRI brain imaging available, and Dr. Daniel Amen has shown what pushing someone with ADD/ADHD can look like inside the brain. The brain function literally decreases, in what I unscientifically call brain freeze. This is why some such students may need more time to take tests.

If you aren’t challenged by ADD/ADHD, but someone you love is, I wonder what you think of the article by June in ADDitude Magazine, and if it helps make sense of that person you care about.

3 thoughts on “Adult ADD/ADHD

  1. Susan Booth Reply

    Awesome! 5 & 9 are bugaboos for me! But I sure can relate to #2.
    As always, thanks for some fantastic info, self- assuring but also something we can share with our friends and loved ones who don’t “get it.”

  2. Claudia Reply

    Thank you for this article! ❤️

  3. loates66 Reply

    Thank you for the feedback!

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