Tibetan monks and compassion come to Nashville

photo of Tibetan Monks Photo by Larkin Oates

I saw several Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala at the Frist museum today. To me, these maroon robed men seemed to have infinite patience to stand, bent over their work for so long, as they focused on the intricacies of their compassion mandala.

At the top of the page in the show’s guest book is a question asking essentially, “How has this experience influenced you.” Personally, I feel blessed to have experienced this prayer in motion. And, I find the message of compassion timely, as our nation‘s division over the 2016 presidential election is profoundly disturbing. While I may be politically active or perhaps disagree with others, I need to remember to practice compassion for those I do not understand.

One thought on “Tibetan monks and compassion come to Nashville

  1. Susan Booth Reply

    Amen. Compassion!!!!

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