What is energy healing?

stock image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

Energetic healing techniques are gentle and non-invasive methods of restoring balance to your body. Larkin uses Auric and Kabbalistic healing techniques to clear and balance your body’s complex energy systems. This stimulates your immune system’s natural healing abilities, while facilitating personal growth, self-awareness, and sense of wellbeing.

After receiving an energy healing, clients regularly notice feelings of lightness, peace, and relaxation as well as feeling centered and grounded. Underlying benefits can continue for sometime afterwards, as the healing continues to process.

Regular energetic healings can have a profound and cumulative effect. Invariably, people notice more frequent experiences of feeling calm, happy and healthy. They also notice that they are living more consciously, and making better life choices.

If you’re interested in energetic healing as part of your journey to wellbeing, schedule your appointment with Larkin today. Office hours are Monday and Wednesday 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Call (615) 945-8950.


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