Lymphedema Group


Lymphedema Group

Living with lymphedema, we have unique needs that require personalized support and information. This group has that!

Join this group to:

  • Find information on supplies, diet, management, and the newest science
  • Ask a question about your garment’s fit, or even about your case
  • Access people who work with Lymphedema or Lymphedema supplies
  • Meet a Lymphedema therapist and a Mental Health Counselor at every meeting
  • Experience understanding and compassion from other people with Lymphedema

Join us if you:

  • Have Lymphedema
  • Are a family or friend support person
  • Wonder if you have lymphedema
  • Have been told you might get lymphedema
  • Work in the field


 Call me (615) 945-8950

Group meets at The Estuary in Hillsboro Village

1711 19th Ave. S., Nashville, TN