The Miracle of Making My Bed

Maybe you can relate to this.

Many work mornings, the moment the alarm rings, I hit the ground running, because I’m already late. Clearly, whether the bedroom looks like it’s out of a page in Architectural Digest is the last thing on my mind.

On the other hand, without a firm time deadline, my brain might argue there is no reason to get out of bed. I wake up groggy and hang out, maybe thinking about swimming through the air in my last dream. Sometimes I stare around the room and wonder why I can ice skate everywhere in some of my dreams.

Eventually, I get out of bed, perhaps motivated by the urge to clean the dead bug I’ve have been staring at on the wall. I go to the kitchen to retrieve the Parsley Plus spray cleaner. It smells so nice that it makes me happy. This I find remarkable in a household cleaner.

Once in the kitchen, I notice I’m hungry. I get out my favorite yellow cereal bowl, pour the cereal, and start heating tea water in the electric pot. While the water heats, I remember I forgot to get the mail yesterday. So, I get the mail, and notice weeds along the front walkway and I start weeding.

Eventually, I might remember I’m hungry so I head inside. I pour my current milk equivalent onto my cereal, eat a few bites, and start to empty the dishwasher while I chew. Since the hand towel is too wet to dry the glasses, I head off to get a new one.

Inevitable, when I see the clean clothes piles, I start folding clothes. When I put away the folded towels in the bathroom, notice the grout needs a touch up, and head back to the kitchen for my parsley wonder spray. I then remember I left the mail on the front walkway.

As you may have noticed by now, making the bed is so far off my radar. My repeatedly abandoned cereal often gets soggy, and before I realize it, I’m involved in some business thing and have forgotten to finish eating.

Now that I’ve spent all of this time describing my distraction, I will need to share how I began regularly making my bed on another day. This is how an ADD brain works sometimes. When I have no time structure from work, or an appointment, I just run out of time doing lots of little things!

While it may cause anxiety that there are lists of lists of things to do, or sometimes it’s depressing that everything is never done, there is hope!

Do you know why I’m hopeful, because, miracle of miracles, my bed is made! There is also evidence that I get other things done.

Please stay tuned. On another day, I’ll share why or how the bed gets made, and some of my other ADD coping tips.


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