Meet Larkin

Do you feel your life is disorganized, cluttered, and off track? Are you tired of being judged for being late, losing things, and spacing out?

I get it.

I can help you understand your strengths, develop coping skills, and bring some order into your life.

Personally, art making and journaling were my first tools towards self-growth. Making art helped me deal with my life, cancer recovery, and my lymphedema.

To deepen my inner work, I began study at the School of Healing Arts, in Nashville. I was there first as a client, student, volunteer, and practitioner for seventeen years. Through my auric, Kabbalistic, and Experiential work there, I realized how engaging the body, and not just the mind, deepens personal healing, and decreases reactivity to life stressors.

I have come to understand the profound relief of self discovery, finding authentic voice, and forming a healthy community. I wish the same for you.