Therapy helps align your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to increase the sensation of wholeness and balance in your life.

Usually, when we come to therapy; anxiety, depression, or certain physical concerns have increased enough to reflect a disruption in our mind/body system; causing upset in our sense of wellbeing.

This occurs because although we are all born with instincts to guide us, most of us learned as children to ignore these internal signals. For instance, many people live in their heads, are not in tune with their bodies, or may not trust their gut, so to speak. Consequently, we might agree to help people when we know it is inconvenient for us, or we don’t express our needs and inner truths.

Because we disconnect or discount our body’s signals like stomach pain or headaches, we ignore the body’s attempts to say it is in distress. Consequently, many of us may miss signs until we have significant anxiety, depression, and imbalance in our systems.

I’m guessing that lately, something inside of you has awakened and yearns for some sense of internal peace. So, you found courage to reach out for help.

I get it. And I would like to help.

In integrative therapy, you can:

  • Practice mind-body skills to self-regulate between sessions
  • Reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, shame, and depression
  • Increase self awareness
  • Find hope
  • Rebalance mind-body and energy systems
  • Reframe unhelpful or negative thoughts
  • Experience positive change

As your guide, I will hold a safe space while you work enhancing your strengths and developing healthy coping tools. Through Integrative Therapy we will use techniques like Experiential and Somatic therapies to deepen your relationship with your emotions, thoughts, and physical body. As you become more aware of how they influence each other, you will be able to find and make healthy choices so you experience wholeness, and have a sense of balance and well being in your life.

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