ADD, Neurofeedback, and Doing My Taxes Early for No Reason

Image of electrocardiograOne year I did my taxes early. Most people wouldn’t find this statement of interest or abnormal in any way. To those of us with depression, ADD and what I simplify to call the consequent anxiety; that was quite remarkable! How on earth did that happen?!

A few years ago, I began Neurofeedback (NF) therapy. Although I wasn’t sure what benefit NF would provide, I decided to try it despite the inevitable weekly struggles to be on time to sessions. It turned out that NF involved no pain, it was interesting to watch my brainwaves on the computer during sessions, and I got to watch videos during the process.

Not long after beginning NF, I began to notice shifts in my ability to focus. Also, my interest in putting my dishes into the dishwasher miraculously increased.

You know how the story developed. I ultimately did my taxes early! By that, I don’t mean I did them in January to get a tax rebate like some highly organized people might.

I mean I wasn’t frantically driving to the Post Office at 11 pm on April 15th, stressed out of my mind, and trying to get my tax envelope postmarked before the deadline. (These days that might mean pushing send on the computer at the last moment.) As anyone with ADD, sprinkled with bits of depression and anxiety might tell you, the last minute option is more likely to be the scenario.

I finished my taxes early in April, because…. Well, I don’t know why.  I was stunned and so deliriously happy that I repeatedly told my friends and family, ad nauseum. It was that remarkable!

After awhile, I stopped doing NF, I guess because I saw results, and wanted to cut expenses. I decided to rely only on my ADD medications, which admittedly don’t make things perfect, but certainly help to make life more manageable for me.

Seven years or so later, I begin to wonder about the side effects of my medicines and if it is time to try NF again. I can’t wait. And, I will keep you posted. I hope I won’t forget to pursue this alternative method of healing because I’m too ADD juggling life’s logistics, I’m too depressed to have hope of change, or I’m too anxious to add one more thing to my schedule! LOL!


Disclaimer: This blog does not promote drugs or any particular actions or treatments. It is merely a personal journal, and does not replace seeing a counselor or doctor to get professional advice when needed.

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