ADD: Creatively Enhance Productivity

In a land, not long ago or far away, I creatively edited an essay with scissors. I cut out bad parts, reorganized sections, and taped the good parts together again. Needless to say, computers and other elements of business tech stretch my patience. So, I found and took an on-line class for help. During this […]

ADD Woman Increases Productivity Creatively

Recently, a fly on the wall witnessed me cut and tape blank documents together. My digital versions were lost in a computer crash and my scanner was dead, so I cobbled together new forms. Armed with liquid paper, I felt like I was in an ADD 1980’s flashback, as I managed these linear aspects of my […]

Esteem, ADHD, and Women’s Roles

One night in Taos, NM, while boiling pasta, a friend and I threw wet noodles on a wall to test their readiness.  Enjoying the quirky shapes formed, we soon drew the imagined faces of the characters outlined. Only later, while painting this wall to get my rental deposit back, did I realize that ink bleeds through […]

ADD, Neurofeedback, and How I Finished Taxes Early

One year I did my taxes early. Most people wouldn’t find this statement of interest or abnormal in any way. To those of us with depression, ADD and what I call the consequent anxiety; that was quite remarkable! How on earth did that happen?! A few years ago, I began Neurofeedback (NF) therapy. Although I wasn’t […]

ADD Women Empowered

Dear ADD Women, Have you ever felt frustrated, depressed, and oddly also anxious; but you are too overwhelmed or ADD to deal with it? Are you tired of being judged for being late, losing things, or being spacey? I get it. Before I was diagnosed with ADD, my life felt disorganized, cluttered, and off track. […]

The Undiagnosed ADD Girl, Often Becomes Frustrated Woman

As a girl, I was bright, enthusiastic, and deeply empathetic. As I grew, I daydreamed and was unorganized, but my grades were good. I even took advanced classes in high school. With friends, I could be silly, excited, perhaps moody, and chatty. But, because I was not hyper and disruptive, no one had much problem […]

ADHD: Only One Version of Normal

ADHD and ADD humans have gifts, and here they are. How to appreciate by Jessica McCabe. Thanks Jessica! Great info for my clients!