Self-care clues for ADHD Winter blues

You may notice that I like having a list of self-care ideas available to help me uplift my mood! These ideas are especially important as the days offer less daylight, and we ease into winter. If you are like me, for fall and winter days when you are feeling down, the Mayo clinic offers a number of suggestions: 

  • Light therapy
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Mind-body techniques such as meditation or yoga.
Other suggestions include:
  • Try a Morning Simulator (to create a sense of the rising sun in your bedroom!)
  • Drip some poplar tree essential oil in your bath for relaxation before bed
  • Exercise
  • Get outside
  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule
  • Take a vacation in a sunny location
  • Write a mood journal daily for 10-20 minutes to vent negative emotions
  • Consult your Dr. about Vitamin D supplementation
  • Remain socially active or take a class

I recommend the humorous presentation of self care tips, by the energetic and endearing Jessica McCabe from, How to ADHD. Over the years, besides the fact that I listen to different music than she does, I have found such suggestions to be effective.

This list was initially consolidated by Eponis Sinope and includes a list you can download. 
You might also refer to my Oct. 20, 2015 blog for notes of how I try to recenter when I see signs that I am living my life out of balance.

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