ADHD and managing your time

The whacky ADHD tendency towards time distortion was recently explained to me. In an ADDitude article, William Dodson claims, “The ADHD world is curvilinear. Past, present, and future are never separate and distinct. Everything is now.” Maybe you can relate. Have you ever gone into a store looking for a few things, only to leave […]

ADD: Creatively Enhance Productivity

In a land, not long ago or far away, I creatively edited an essay with scissors. I cut out bad parts, reorganized sections, and taped the good parts together again. Needless to say, computers and other elements of business tech stretch my patience. So, I found and took an on-line class for help. During this […]

The Undiagnosed ADD Girl, Often Becomes Frustrated Woman

As a girl, I was bright, enthusiastic, and deeply empathetic. As I grew, I daydreamed and was unorganized, but my grades were good. I even took advanced classes in high school. With friends, I could be silly, excited, perhaps moody, and chatty. But, because I was not hyper and disruptive, no one had much problem […]

ADHD: Only One Version of Normal

ADHD and ADD humans have gifts, and here they are. How to appreciate by Jessica McCabe. Thanks Jessica! Great info for my clients!

Secrets of Your ADHD Brain

ADHD brain by William Dodson says embrace your strengths, learn how to get in your zone, and create your own definition of success

The Holidays and ADD.

larkin oates counseling for ADHD women. Blog suggests that during the holidays have compassion for self.