ADD: Creatively Enhance Productivity

In a land, not long ago or far away, I creatively edited an essay with scissors. I cut out bad parts, reorganized sections, and taped the good parts together again. Needless to say, computers and other elements of business tech stretch my patience. So, I found and took an on-line class for help.

During this Business School Bootcamp for Therapists, I used my ADD hyper-focus to delve wholeheartedly into the left brained order. After learning about the horrors of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), spreadsheets, and tracking website statistics; I returned to my life feeling wiser yet somewhat numb.

Fortunately, I had an upcoming art show, and was immediately absorbed in a flurry of creative activity. I soon realized that:

  • Linear brained  business work blocked my innovative specialties
  • Once creative again, my intuitive and healing work flowed
  • I was happier and more relaxed
  • Coincidentally, my business picked up speed

The bootcamp was priceless because I learned:

  • The business systems I need in place
  • It’s okay to get help
  • I don’t have to solve marketing, legal, and computer issues alone

In hindsight, the brief juxtaposition of my linear work self, to my innovative non-linear spirit, helped me understand the dramatic differences in quality and quantity of my work.

Like many people with issues of distraction and disorder, I can focus intensely and slog through linear/left-brained challenges. After all, I have two Masters degrees. What I never noticed was that, while in this super hyper-focus mode, wrestling the linear into submission, I am strangling my creativite flow.

Now, I have some appreciation for the unique strengths of being ADD. I have innovative ‘big picture’ thinking, so I don’t want to stop that flow. Like other therapists, I can hire professional accounting, law, and marketing people help me with the technical foundations of my office.

With help, I have increased mental space for mind/body health and creativity. I feel more in balance with myself and have more room for daily calming rituals. Finally, I see that the rudiment of sanity is not just around the corner, but is within me when I creatively use my gifts!

  • Are there tasks you can hire out so you are able to use your strengths to their fullest potential?

  • How does mind body health help you to be your best self?


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