ADD Women Empowered

Dear ADD Women,

Have you ever felt frustrated, depressed, and oddly also anxious; but you are too overwhelmed or ADD to deal with it?

Are you tired of being judged for being late, losing things, or being spacey?

I get it.

Before I was diagnosed with ADD, my life felt disorganized, cluttered, and off track. I knew I was underemployed working in a bookstore. But, I loved books and learning and I had time create art shows with my photography.

While I had multiple interests, I never could envision the path that would lead my skills to a career, even with my Masters degree in art. I had many ideas, but I didn’t know where to begin. Or, once I began looking, I would get distracted. My mind spun in endlessly.

Alternately, when I am interested in something, I can focus on it for hours! This ability to intensely concentrate causes people to think they don’t have issues with ADD, yet they experience the frustrations associated with it.  

Since I first began researching on the internet, I have learned that I get sucked into conceptual rabbit holes that lead far from my original content. I now realize there is an aberration in the natural laws of physics around my computer, where time is literally sucked into an internet black hole. Clearly, I must limit my time there.

I understand the feeling of being depressed and being in a rut. With marvels like Martha Stewart teaching us to be perfect in every area of our lives, I also appreciate having the anxiety of trying to get to appointments on time while trying to perform life’s daily minutia. I too have been too overwhelmed to get unstuck.

ADD Women EmpoweredFinally, I went to someone for guidance and found that helpful. I learned tricks to empower myself. I discovered what I love to, went to school again, and got my degree to be a counselor.

As a counselor, I’m passionate about empowering other ADD women who have difficulty paying attention, and who struggle to not feel innately flawed.

I love helping women with ADD, depression, and anxiety trust their inner wisdom and experience themselves in an empowered and positive light. This story therefore ends with hope. I believe there is hope for us all to find direction on what may seem to be aimless life paths.

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