Miracle of Making My Bed

It’s a miracle if I’m not late to everything. Many days, from the moment the alarm rings, I hit the ground running. Under such circumstances, I don’t care if my room looks like an Architectural Digest photo, so I do not regularly make my bed.

The Miracle When Running Late, That I Make My Bed At All

In fact, without any obligations, I would argue there is no reason to get out of bed at all. On weekends, I wake up groggy and hang out, remembering swimming through the air in my last dream. I wonder why I can roller blade in some dreams but not in real life.

When hunger finally lures me into the kitchen, I get out my favorite yellow bowl and pour some cereal. I start heating tea water. While waiting for the water to boil, I remember I forgot to get the mail the day before.

As I lumber outside to get the mail, I notice weeds along the front walkway, so I start weeding. Eventually, I remember my hunger and head back inside. I pour milk onto my cereal, eat a few bites, and start to empty the dishwasher while I chew. Since my hand towel is too wet to dry the glasses, I head the the laundry room to get a new one.

Inevitably, I see the clean clothes piles, and start folding clothes. When I put away the newly folded towels, I notice the grout needs cleaning in the bathroom. I head back to the kitchen for my Parsley Plus spray cleaner. I then remember I left the mail on the front walkway.

Clearly, making the bed is not on my list of priorities. Nor is my repeatedly abandoned cereal. 

Now that I’ve described an hour within my distraction, sharing how I began regularly making my bed will have to be saved for another day. That is just how an ADD brain works. When I have no time restraints from work, or appointments, I run out of time doing lots of little things and it looks like I’ve done nothing!

It may cause anxiety that there are lists of things to do. It’s sometimes depressing that nothing ever seems to get done. But, there is hope!

I am hopeful because, miracle of miracles, my bed is made almost daily after I learned a few tricks. Also, there is evidence that I now tidy my home and do the dishes regularly!

Stay tuned. On another day, I’ll share the miracle of the why or how the bed gets made.


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