The Happiness Puzzle

Happiness is a dog at the beach, by Larkin Oates
Happiness is a dog at the beach

My dog Corky is happiness personified. My mood invariably lifts when I arrive home to see my Labrador jumping up and down, pushing off from alternating front legs. Whether she does this dance because she’s thrilled to see me, she’s hungry, or she needs to be let outside; seeing her prancing makes me happy.

Such joy might seem elusive when life revolves around digital calendars, dinging message alerts, and ‘to do’ lists. In fact, one could get the impression from our material culture that life satisfaction is always beyond reach.

Fortunately, science has provided some answers to the happiness puzzle. In fact, certain practices listed in this Time article by Eric Barker can help us develop a greater sense of wellbeing. Click here to read it.

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