Setting Daily Intentions

Setting Daily Intentions I recently began setting daily intentions for my counseling practice. In similar fashion, healers have sworn to, “do no harm,” since the days of yore.

In doing so, I am mindful of my word choice, as science has determined that the brain does not comprehend negative commands. For instance, the brain just hears, “do harm.” Therefore, I strive towards achieving, “equal or higher good,” in my work.

Apparently words matter.

What I never considered was adding a mindfulness practice at work. In my mind, mindfulness was always the sort of thing I would do in my off hours when I have time.

In a recent article on the Thrive Global website, Dr. Gill Crossland-Thackray suggests the benefits of a mindfulness practice at work. She offers several ways in our workday that we can take some time to lower our stress levels and stay in the moment.

The doctor also says that setting positive intentions attracts positive emotions; much like the feelings one can experience by keeping lists, or making collages of what brings joy! So, today, I set the intention that I will be mindful of my day! Let’s see what the day brings!

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