Allowing Mental Space for Creative Gifts Part II

In a land, not long ago or far away, I edited an essay by printing it, cutting out the lines I hated, and taping the good stuff back together again. Needless to say, computers and other elements of business tech stretch my patience, so I finally took an on-line class for help. During this Business […]

Allowing Mental Space for Creative Gifts Part I

If a drone was videotaping from the ceiling of my counseling office, it recently captured me cutting and taping blank forms together. My digital versions were lost in a computer crash, and my scanner was down. I felt I was living my own 1980’s flashback. Nevertheless, I cobbled together some of my business forms. And, […]

Esteem/ ADD/ women’s roles

One night in Taos, NM, while boiling pasta, a friend and I threw a few wet noodles on the wall to test their readiness.  Enjoying the quirky shapes they formed, soon we had about twenty noodles displayed before us. We delighted in the abstract pasta characters formed, so we next drew in the imagined faces. […]

ADD, Neurofeedback, and Doing My Taxes Early for No Reason

One year I did my taxes early. Most people wouldn’t find this statement of interest or abnormal in any way. To those of us with depression, ADD and what I simplify to call the consequent anxiety; that was quite remarkable! How on earth did that happen?! A few years ago, I began Neurofeedback (NF) therapy. […]

The Miracle of Making My Bed

Maybe you can relate to this. Many work mornings, the moment the alarm rings, I hit the ground running, because I’m already late. Clearly, whether the bedroom looks like it’s out of a page in Architectural Digest is the last thing on my mind. On the other hand, without a firm time deadline, my brain […]

Empowering women with ADD

Have you ever felt frustrated, depressed, and oddly also anxious, but are too overwhelmed or ADD to deal with it? Are you tired of being judged for being late, losing things, or being spacey? I get it. Before I was diagnosed with ADD in my 40’s, my life felt disorganized, cluttered, and off track. I […]

The ADD girl, undiagnosed, often becomes the frustrated woman

As a girl, I was bright, enthusiastic, and deeply empathetic. In middle school, I was a daydreamer and unorganized, but my grades were good. With friends, I could be silly, excited, perhaps moody, and chatty. But, because I was not hyper and disruptive, no one saw any problems with me other than with my focus, […]

Setting Daily Intentions

Mindfulness/ setting daily intentions helps set positive energy and bring joy!

The Happiness Puzzle

Mood, Happiness, and a yellow labrador. Important things to consider! Finding joy in a digital age.